Ashamed No More: A Pastor's Journey Through Sex Addiction

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Mackey, Power and Ethics (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1994), p. 52 26 Ibid. There are six states for a human life, on a normative scale from best to worst: divine (which exceeds the merely human on the one extreme), virtuous (without wrongful desire), strong-willed (able to overcome wrongful desire), weak-willed (unable to do so), vicious and bestial (which exceeds the merely human on the other extreme, and which Aristotle says is mostly found among barbarians) (NE, 1145a15–22).

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It was natural, and perhaps inevitable that the first efforts of the Church should be occupied with the formation and elaboration of dogma. In all ages there has been a tendency to separate truth and duty. But knowledge has two sides; it is at once a revelation and a challenge. There is no truth which has not its corresponding obligation, and no obligation which has not its corresponding truth Bioethics Yearbook: Regional read for free Bioethics Yearbook: Regional. A person promotes some good in such a way that harm is caused as a foreseen side-effect. The defendants of the Doctrine of Double Effect argue that the first model of action is, from the moral perspective, worse than the second, given all other conditions equal. Thus, the Doctrine of Double Effect claims that in some cases it is morally permissible to bring about as a foreseen but unintended consequence a bad effect that it would be morally wrong to bring about as a strictly intended consequence download. Inevitably those who are pacifists have said that there is no place whatever for Christians to take up arms, even in what might appear to be a very legitimate cause. Those who are pacifists and are favouring a general withdrawal from the world of politics (as with many of the peace-churches) make their repudiation of violence an element of that withdrawal , cited: Voices of Authority: McClendon cites the black church as a primary “baptistic” example of a tradition which under oppression has displayed the quality of presence. This is especially exemplified in someone like Martin Luther King who, in his person and in the movement he generated, represents a powerful nonviolent {63} presence in confronting the oppressor with a witness to the truth of God’s presence Moral Issues & Christian Response

One could again refer to many forms of discrimination in social living, but a good alternative would be the way in which various societies tolerate the violation of social expectations The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own Roediger, ed., Black on White: Black Writers on What it Means to be White. Peggy McIntosh, "Male Privilege and White Privilege" , source: Discipleship (Dietrich read here Many pacifists have looked to the International Fellowship of Reconciliation as the link movement. This was founded in 1914 with a firmly Christian theological basis, holding that a Christian's duty was always to seek reconciliation in the spirit and power of the cross, and never to seek to kill opponents , source: Bearing True Witness: download epub Briefly explain one of the things that Augustine teaches us about happiness o "He fears happiness because he knows embracing it will force him to change Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology: Foundations in Scripture, Theology, History, and Praxis Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology:.

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Leonard Hodgson, Sex and Christian Freedom: An Enquiry (London: SCM Press, 1967), p. 42; quoted by Nineham, Use, p. 75 , cited: Toward a Global Civilization? read here read here. When the mathematician moves from algebra, trigonometry, and geometry into calculus, he does not throw the former into the waste basket, but jealously cherishes it so that he may build upon it and reach to loftier heights. He doesn't even dare throw away his multiplication table. It is tragic that Christians have such difficulty living up to the law and prophets in the life of love , source: Between Woman, Man and God: A read for free We feel that because we are ‘in a relationship’, we are obligated to have sex epub. The main types of ethical theories are between teleological and deontological ethics. Roman Catholics ethics are more teleological as it is based more on Aristotle’s eudaimonia (or “well being). It translates that telos into viseo Dei, the vision of God, to be attained by diligent cultivation of good habits of virtues, which leads one to beatific vision. Another example is the Protestant ethics of the Social Gospel Movement, whose goal is the kingdom on earth, toward which we will progress by systematic changes in the economic order ref.: Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics: Fall/Winter 2015 The quintessence of a human personality is never in time or historic actuality Christian Theology: A Brief Introduction Christian Theology: A Brief Introduction. Society must punish criminals, or at least quarantine them, even if the executors of judgment are self-righteous sinners who do not realize to what degree they are involved in the sins they seek to suppress. But this fact does not invalidate the insight which sees the relative good and the relative evil in both judges and criminals from a high perspective ref.: 7: An Experimental Mutiny read for free Because it could be any church in the US, and it faithfully reproduces the mindset of almost any church in the US. The American church, in virtually all its iterations, assumes the fundamental compatibility of American imperial might and the church's evangelical mission Ethics of Everyday Life: Moral Theology, Social Anthropology, and the Imagination of the Human

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JAMA 296:1385-1392, 2006. 25 Xenakis SN, MD. "Doctors Must Be Healers." Seton Hall Law Review 37:703-710, 2007. 26 Curlin FA, MD, Lawrence RE, Lantos JD. "Religion, conscience, and controversial clinical practices." I questioned him further by asking him to tell me how in a purely physical universe logical absolutes, which are by nature conceptual, can exist. I told him they cannot be measured, put in a test tube, weighed, nor captured; yet, they exist. So, I asked him to please tell me how these conceptual absolute truths can exist in a purely physical universe... without a God. I then went on to say that these conceptual absolutes logically must exist in the mind of an absolute God, because they cannot merely reside in the properties of matter in a purely naturalistic universe Companion to the Compendium of read epub Christianity – the State version – has a bad record on human rights. Slavery, torture, class barriers, sexual subjugation, colonialism and many more vices have been justified in the Name of the One who came to abolish injustice. The church has sinned grievously, and many of today’s secular responses to human rights reflect a recognition of that fact. Not least has been the emergence of Marxism and its Christianised form known as liberation theology Communities of Restoration: read online The current record holder for man with the largest collection of wives appears to be Solomon in the Bible ref.: Bearing True Witness: download online Here is where I would like to bring in the matter of regeneration or conversion to which I referred earlier. It appears to me that there is some confusion on the matter. We should not conclude from the fact that our children are included in the covenant that, as such, they are converted pdf. The human "you judge" (v. 1) contrasts with the divine "who judges" (v. 11); the hu- God's vengeance against His enemies, there can be no deliverance for His people 5 The passages in the Psalms that contain imprecations include at least these: and 143:1.2-a total of ninety-eight verses in thirty-two psalms Rousseau in 90 Minutes read here The atomization of life which Marx diagnosed has increased a thousandfold with the advent of suburbanization, the private car, television. The liberal property owner is the individual, beholden to none. Such a being is a fantasy: we are all sustained by vast intricate webs of farmers, sewage workers, academics, engineers , cited: Ten Commandments of God and read here For example, Joseph and Lois Bird, who are Catholics, psychologists and experienced marriage counselors, married to each other, parents, and widely known and respected authors, say that the husband's headship (understood as responsibility and leadership) and the wife's voluntary submission (understood as total giving and surrender) are important for their complete sexual fulfillment. (7) If one reads the brief comments (cited above in this section), concerning the Pauline exhortations to husbands and wives, by Quay in the context of his book, one can ask whether or not they will tend to foster better marriages if accepted and applied with due discretion Divorce & Remarriage: A read pdf More importantly, control theories of deviance (Hirschi 1969) lead us to expect that religiosity increases "attachment, commitment and involvement which increase the stakes in conformity and encourage the belief that societal norms in general, not just those buttressed by religious teachings, should be obeyed" (Grasmick et al. 1991) Reconciliation: The Ubuntu Theology of Desmond Tutu read for free.