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Although Lawler, Boyle and May briefly note some of the issues concerning the submission of women, they do not develop their own position on this question in their book. ETHICS I-Situation Ethics -Emphasis on the way moral rule cannot anticipate complexities of situations. -One rule has overall priority: neighbor love (Agape) -We only know what love will require in the actual situation -Not what is good or right but “Fitting” - An example of “utilitarianism” -Choices should be morally assessed based on the state of affairs that they bring about. -“the greatest good for the greatest number”... ...

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Lies We Tell Ourselves

Different Eyes: The Art of Living Beautifully

The reason is that the spirit behind the coupling is, probably in the very vast majority of times, is one of rebellion, pride, lust and self-centered ego, and often down right disrespect vice true Christian virtue. There was a case a while back of a small church in Eastern Ky that refused to marry a long time member who came back from college with a black man Subverting the Power of Prejudice: Resources for Individual and Social Change This is not a paper about abortion, but I chose the example above because it illustrates the ethical quandary which a few recent ethicians have suggested is the downfall of ethics in modern society. (The example is also appropriate since the Annual Meeting has once again considered a resolution on abortion.) It has become commonplace to maintain that ethical decision-making is a matter which is ultimately private Peace Be with You: Christ's Benediction Amid Violent Empires Peace Be with You: Christ's Benediction. It is a great thing to know astronomy; for it is the science of the mighty orbs, stupendous distances, majestic adjustments in time and space. It is a great thing to know biology; for it is the science of living organisms—the starting, growth, health, movements, life itself. It is a great thing to know law; for it is the science of legislation, government, equity, civilization , cited: Man in the Field of Responsibility What these theories have in common is that they take God’s will to be the foundation of ethics. According to divine command theory, things are morally good or bad, or morally obligatory, permissible, or prohibited, solely because of God’s will or commands Going by the Book (Church read here In your opinion, is each of the following statements about the Bible true or false? - Everything in the Bible should be taken literally, word for word How often, if at all, do you attend religious services? - Never (SKIP to Q. 186) How important would you say religion is in your own life Practicing Presence: The Spirituality of Caring in Everyday Life Practicing Presence: The Spirituality of? I've discovered that Fox News was reporting that Usama bin Landen [sic] was confrimed [sic] dead. Half an hour later, someone thought to become a professional and the two misspellings were corrected. I've seen several websites (including wikipedia) announce confidently that Osama has been dead for a week; most of those sites now report that he was killed on May 1, 2011 The Pacifist Option: The Moral read for free

I think I could take a file of these newspapers, and from their daily chroniclings match anything that could be told in the same period of any heathen community – at least, of any heathen community in a like state of peace and prosperity. I think I could take a file of these papers, and match, horror for horror, all that returning missionaries have to tell-even to the car of Juggernaut or infants tossed from mothers' arms into the sacred river; even to Ashantee "customs" or cannibalistic feasts Respectable Sins: Confronting download here His life in particular was a service to god, he thought, because his testing of the wisdom of others was carrying out Apollo's charge given by the oracle at Delphi, implicit in the startling pronouncement that he was the wisest man in Greece (Apology, 21a-d) , source: Exploring Christian Ethics: download here They see room for optimism despite the lack of financial gain for ethical behavior, or the absence of negative consequences for unethical behavior. Their reasoning is based in the fact that so many people do behave ethically, in spite of the apparent lack of gain. Ethical behavior must be intrinsically rewarding; and most people behave ethically because it's the right thing to do , source: An Introduction to Christian Ethics

Dictionary of Evangelical Biography

He had also studied Niebuhr carefully, and claimed when launching a bus boycott in Montgomery that 'true pacifism is not unrealistic submission to evil power, as Niebuhr contends. It is rather a courageous confrontation of evil by the power of love, in the faith that it is better to be the recipient of violence than the inflicter of it.'8 When his home was bombed on 30 January 1956, King was out at a meeting, but rushed back to find his wife and baby daughter safe and an infuriated crowd of his supporters gathering ref.: Cost of Discipleship Of course the exercise of any individual's freedom cannot be at the expense of the rightful freedoms of others. A right to freedom of expression cannot mean a right to say what one likes, true or untrue, about someone else in the community, and so we have defamation laws. A right to privacy or against trespass can't be invoked by someone who wishes to conceal the fact that he has bomb-making equipment in the garden shed One Man and One Woman read here read here. This rule is an ancient one that was adopted from the  philosophies of India, Greece, Judea, and China.     There are many, many laws in the Old Testament (Tanakh) that are  not observed by followers of Christianity and in addition many  followers do not interpret the Ten Commandments the same context  the Jews did, or cut a great portion of them out , source: What Shall We Say?: Evil, download online The papers should demonstrate the student’s understanding of issues, and the student’s critical/creative capabilities. The papers should be no less than the indicated number of pages, plus source references. The papers should be typed, double-spaced, with standard margins and fonts. Documentation or attribution should be full and accurate Ethics: A Liberative Approach download epub

Generous Justice

Ethical Reflections: Essays on Moral Themes

Christian Ethics: Shaping Values, Visions, & Decisions

A House for Hope: The Promise of Progressive Religion for the Twenty-First Century

Georgia Harkness: The Remaking of a Liberal Theologian (Library of Theological Ethics)

Christianus: The Form of the Catholic Person

System of Christian Ethics

Letters to God from the Wilderness

"Love Your Enemies": Jesus' Love Command in the Synoptic Gospels and in the Early Christian Paraenesis : A History of the Tradition and Interpretatio

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Social Selves and Political Reforms: Five Visions in Contemporary Christian Ethics

Matters of Life and Death: Today's Healthcare Dilemmas in the Light of Christian Faith

The Golden Rule: Its Power and Revelation

Cain's Lament: A Christian Moral Psychology

Indeed, he maintains that casuistry is essential: it involves the careful use of thought in applying general principles to particular circumstances. Christian ethics would be an exercise in ignorance without it. Although it's oversimplified, Preston treats the four gospels as roughly homogeneous , source: Becoming Simple and Wise: download online Embedded within religious perspectives on the use of stem cells and cloning are varying theological assumptions that each religion has about a human embryo, the religious duty to procreate, and the relationship between human beings and technology ref.: Seven: The Deadly Sins and The Beattitudes Seven: The Deadly Sins and The. Another reason why virtue theories are so attractive is that the other moral theories share in common the difficulty of dealing with complicated moral calculations over what actions to take or which moral duties to emphasize. Virtue theories promise that once we are successful in creating the sort of person we want to be, arriving at the correct moral decisions will come naturally Christianity and the Social download online download online. It is at this point that reformed theologians argue that it is the ritual law that has been fulfilled and made obsolete by the work of Christ. This assertion is also correct. 14 However, it is incomplete , source: Returning to Reality: Thomas read online Hints of the Trinity are displayed in Matthew 28:19, which proclaims: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” The Trinity is nowhere explicitly endorsed in the New Testament, but there appears to be a recognition that God the Father is personal, if not a person, to be addressed in praise, prayer, and worship Sexual Chaos: Charting a read here Cited in John Montgomery, Human Rights and Human Dignity (Dallas, TX: Probe Books, 1986), 113. 2 C. Lewis, The Abolition of Man (New York, NY: Macmillan, 1973), 56�7. 3 Carl F Aquinas Ethicus Lead improvement activities in an organizational setting. Understand authority from a Christian perspective. Distinguish between acceptable and best practices in ethical dilemmas. The superiority of the Christian ethical system is best recognized in the exemplary life of Jesus of Nazareth. Properly described and explicated, this system includes duties and goals set in an absolutist context sensitive to individual cases and personal choice with a foundation in human nature created in the image of God and in a reasoned account of general and special revelation Eyes Online : Eyes On Life: A download online download online. If you say you're going to come to work and if you're following the Bible, don't come to work late. Another connected time issues with sanctification as she explained how Christians should be distinctive at work: "Don't try to beat your employer out of his time or out of whatever ref.: Bringing Sex into Focus: The read online Even upon purely ethical considerations such attempts must be unhesitatingly rejected , cited: Papal Paralysis: How the read for free read for free. Palmer Robertson argues that “the cumulative evidence of the Scriptures points definitely toward the unified character of the biblical covenants.”8 He notes that Scripture describes several covenants, but that each covenant builds on the previous ones rather than replacing the previous relationship. “The Abrahamic covenant continued to function actively after the institution of the Mosaic covenant… Studies in Christian Ethics read epub