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This joke seem to have been created to reflect a tragic reality as most of the convictions for propaganda against the communist regime identified by Oprea (Jurnalul National, 2004) within the archives were based on accusations for political jokes. She gives you a firm handshake, and introduces herself as Trudy. After all, nothing in the rule they were told to apply says that religious proselytizing, political commentary, or off-color jokes are insulated from liability.

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Raptured: The Final Daze of the Late, Great Planet Earth (Kiss My Left Behind series)

A: Aren't you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger? A man was pulled over for driving too fast, even though he thought he was driving just fine The Making of The President 1789: The Unauthorized Campaign In Germany everything is prohibited except for what is permitted. In France everything is permitted, even what is prohibited. In the USSR everything is prohibited, even what is permitted Bourbon For Breakfast read here Our initial findings weren’t well received. It seems that Mr Fawkes and his minions aren’t too keen on scrutiny themselves. To be honest, readers, we gave up on taking any notice of David Torrance ‘s mundane attempts at trolling in the Herald some time ago. But some alert readers pointed us towards this week’s column, suggesting that it was a bald rewriting of history some way beyond their usual bland irritancy Lost And Found in Louisville: One Man's Struggle to Find Acceptance -- Or at Least His Coat Lost And Found in Louisville: One Man's. As law enforcement authorities begin to piece together evidence related to the Orlando shooting, a darker, more sinister image begins to emerge of the mass murderer. In a shocking testimony from his ex-wife, FBI investigators discovered that Omar Mateen had once worked near a Chick-fil-A, and may have visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky. "He was fine with the gay lifestyle," said his former wife. "In fact, he even joined Gays for Allah and became a leader in the movement with a promising future." He feels powerless because he has lived in an over-bureaucratized society, one run ultimately from a far-away central location. Wait, so the guy shot up a school because of a centralized government?? He has been coddled all his life, given free rein to indulge his senses but not to face the responsibilities that freedom necessitates There You Go Again! read pdf I had my photograph printed at a superb printer, using a very expensive machine. I also ordered the same print through Photobucket. The web’s best political humor videos all in one place! We scour the web for the best political humor videos so you don’t have to Dog vs. Cat: A Nation Divided: Dirty Tricks and Other Shocking Secrets from a Nasty Pet Election

Why is it that when we talk to God we're said to be praying, but when God talks to us we're schizophrenic , source: A Planet for the President: A Novel download online? I walk by there most days as my office is nearby. At first I thought he was mocking Trump but he was really putting his heart and soul into... LOUIS � In a presidential debate filled with nasty remarks and insults, audience member and uncommitted voter Ken Bone became an internet sensation after posing a question to the candidates. "What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers?" he asked Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump The Best Ever Book of Chadian read epub Since Eastman defines play as the adoption of this disinterested attitude, humor would count as a form of play on his definition, but this seems both too restrictive and too vague to serve as an adequate definition of play. In Homo Ludens (1938), Johan Huizinga criticizes identifying play with laughter or the comic Letters From A Senator download pdf.

The Tory Of Little Dave

Obama, we're just calling to ask if you want our foreign policy back. The 1970s are right here with us, and they're wondering, too." In a stunning act of defiance, Obama courageously unfriends Putin on Facebook Feminist author slams gay marriage: "a man needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" Obama to Iran: "If you like your nuclear program, you can keep your nuclear program" Server problems at so bad, it now flashes 'Error 808' message NSA marks National Best Friend Day with official announcement: "Government is your best friend; we know you like no one else, we're always there, we're always willing to listen" The President's latest talking point on Obamacare: "I didn't build that" GOVERNMENT WARNING: If you were able to complete ObamaCare form online, it wasn't a legitimate gov't website; you should report online fraud and change all your passwords DNC launches 'Carlos Danger' action figure; proceeds to fund a charity helping survivors of the Republican War on Women Obama: 'If I had a daughter-in-law, she would look like Rachael Jeantel' Every time ObamaCare gets delayed, a Julia somewhere dies Obama: 'If I had a son... no, wait, my daughter can now marry a woman!' Janet Napolitano: TSA findings reveal that since none of the hijackers were babies, elderly, or Tea Partiers, 9/11 was not an act of terrorism Obama: the IRS is a constitutional right, just like the Second Amendment Obama: If I had a gay son, he'd look like Jason Collins Gosnell's office in Benghazi raided by the IRS: mainstream media's worst cover-up challenge to date IRS targeting pro-gay-marriage LGBT groups leads to gayest tax revolt in U Know Your Cliche: a geopolitical guide download online. They both rejected the Republican's platform of status quo and opposed radical groups such as Eugene Deb's Socialist Party of America Bob Cobb's Bill Clinton download pdf

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Which was effective till the end, when he says, “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message. (LONG SNIFF)” Yesterday, Al Gore campaigned for Hillary Clinton at a Florida rally attended by 1,600 people National Lampoon The Saddam read for free National Lampoon The Saddam Dump: Saddam. In a 1993 bankruptcy deposition of McGahn comes the following curious exchange: Q. Miller always do everything together with you when he was active in this case? Not everything, but we — it’s always been our practice to make sure that two people are present, and we don’t have a problem of people lying The Ground Game: How I found purpose helping re-elect President Obama read epub. I am here just to tell you officially that I disagree with the parrot.” [6] Q: Which is more useful – newspapers or television , e.g. Dude, Where's My Country? Leno’s goal was to alleviate their anguish. With his Mock Spanish phrase Leno transformed the nationwide call for justice into one person’s laziness, which released the audience’s emotional tension, as it expressed disdain for the marchers’ commitment to their social movement. Leno followed in quick succession with a series of similar jokes that also scorned the demonstrators’ commitment to the immigrant justice movement The wit and humor of America download pdf download pdf. Obama was basically like, ‘It was going to be 100,000, but after your little Skittles tweet, it’s now 110,000.'” – James Corden “President Obama’s half-brother, who lives in Kenya, told reporters this week that he will be voting for Donald Trump in the country’s mock U. Oh, that’s got to sting for Trump — an Obama wants to vote for him, but it’s the one with the Kenyan birth certificate.” – Seth Meyers “House Speaker Paul Ryan was at the airport and didn’t recognize a three-year congresswoman from Massachusetts , source: Pointed Poems: Tools for Teaching Conservative Thinking Pointed Poems: Tools for Teaching. If you want to get a little social commentary in there, then that’s fine, but your first job as a comedian is to get the laugh. I don’t think anyone can figure out what my politics are. I try to walk the line, and humiliate and degrade Republicans and Democrats equally. … I get hate letters from both sides” (Crowe 2006). Language in Society 38:1 (2009) Leno: 26 DID YOU CALL IN MEXICAN The Ultimate, Horrible Tour download for free It was more like he really wanted to understand the cultures he was immersed in. Not in an enlightened or politically correct way, but in a way to better serve his country and his cause, to serve this sort of empire. But head and shoulders he's more interesting than most of those guys ref.: The Best Ever Guide to read here read here. I hope you are someone who is starting to get angry about this and that you believe this is unacceptable. The lie that Democrats always say that this is not happening has to become a lie that no one tolerates any longer Frog Fables & Beaver Tales download epub. Police interrogated him for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. • Couples are waiting to announce their pregnancy until after their child has graduated college and become a partner in a successful law firm. • Parents are choosing not to learn the gender of their obstetrician. • As part of the new Infinity Womb trend, women are using a wide range of Lamaze, strength-training, and yoga techniques to forcefully prevent their children from ever leaving their wombs, forever protecting them from the harsh realities of the world The Honest Politician download online It could have come as a result of newfound home-improvement ambition, a lack of money to pay a repairman, or a good ol’ fashioned Dutch sense of “I’m not going to pay someone for something I can do myself” (Though it was probably some sort of combination of the three) The Biglow Papers Second download online download online.