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The possibility of ignition is greatest for liquids having low flash points. The lower the flash point, the greater the probability that the temperature of the liquid or the atmospheric temperature will be materially higher than the flash point of the liquid. The higher the temperature, the greater the amount of vapor formed and the greater the hazard. Quite frequently, when leakage occurs in an accident ignition is caused instantly by friction sparks. Combustible liquids have flash points between 100 and 200~ (38 and 93~ They are more diffcult to set afire than flammable liquids, but once ignited burn very well.

Liquefied Gas Nonliquefied Gas Polymerizable Pyrophoric Liquid A gas which under pressure is partially liquid at a temperature of 70~ (21~ A gas which under pressure is entirely gaseous at a temperature of 70~ (21~ A material which has the ability to react with itself to produce larger molecules with the evolution of heat. Any liquid that ignites spontaneously in dry or moist air at or below 130~ (54~ See section beginning on page 59 for more detail on pyrophoric liquids. Thermally Unstable A material which will rapidly decompose at some elevated temperature, increasing the pressure in a closed container.

Contact manufacturers for training materials. Ethyl Corp. 800/535-3030 (information) 504/344-7147, 24 hrs. Texas Alkyls 800/227-7070 (information) 713/479-8411, 24 hrs. CHEMTREC | 800/424-9300 or Call collect 202/483-7616 CANUTEC Call collect 613/996-6666 Water-Sensitive Liquids I 63 INITIAL EMERGENCY ASSESSMENT-INITIAL RESPONSEACTION Action Checklist for Assessment and Response to a Hazardous Material Incident EXPECT HAZARDOUS MATERIALSTO BE INVOLVED IN ALL INCIDENTS. [] Control Access. STAY OUT UNTILALL HAZARDOUS MATERIALSARE IDENTIFIED AND ADVICE ON EMERGENCY ACTION AND PERSONAL PROTECTION HAS BEEN OBTAINED.

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