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The globalisation of social, cultural and fiscal kin is facilitated, and while conditioned through advancements within the info and communications applied sciences (ICT) and infrastructure. Human wisdom introduced mankind from an oral to a literate tradition, because of the discovery of print media. the advance of digital media within the final century prepared the ground for the knowledge age, during which spatial and temporal constraints are lifted.

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The Fifth Framework programme (FP5) covered the period 1998–2002 and the Sixth programme (FP6) will span the period 2002–2006. Considerable resources have been invested in the EU’s fourth and fifth framework R&D programmes since they commenced in the 1980s. 9% of the EU’s total budget, as indicated in Table 1. 9 % Source: EU IST directorate’s ‘Factsheet’ The particular field of research concerned with the development of new information and communication technologies (or ICT) has been accorded a major role within the overall budgets of the EU’s framework programmes since the 1980s.

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