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Bednorz W. Advances in grasping algorithms (In-Teh, 2008)(ISBN 9537619273)(596s)_CsAl_

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First, observe that ⊆ Y . Further, the RT Tr covers all the shortest paths that pass through node r. Also, the RT of any node sj ∈ for a set Qj ∈ Q covers all the shortest paths between arbitrary pairs of nodes sj and sk. Thus, we only need to show that all the shortest paths between pairs of nodes sk and ui that pass through node t are also covered. This is satisfied since for every ui, there is a Qj ∈ S such that zi ∈ Qj . Thus, sj ∈ and contains all such paths between ui and sk through t. 32 Fig.

Measuring Bandwidth”. In Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM’99, New York City, New York, March 1999. [9] C. Dovrolis, P. Ramanathan and D. Moore. ”. In Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM’2001, Anchorage, Alaska, April 2001. A Greedy Scheme for Designing Delay Monitoring Systems of IP Networks 37 [10] Y. Bejerano abd R. Rastogi, “Robust monitoring of link delays and faults in IP networks”. In Proceedings of the IEEE INFOCOM’2003, San Francisco, CA, USA, April 2003. [11] V. Chavatel, “A Greedy Heuristic for the Set-Covering Problem”, Math.

As we have shown in Theorem 5 this guarantees a solution is at most with in a factor of 2 from the optimal. □ 6. Path monitoring algorithms In this section, we address the problem of designing an accurate path monitoring system that guarantees that every routing path is monitored by a single monitoring station. First, we present the need for path monitoring and then we provide greedy algorithms for station selection and probe assignment. 1 The need for path monitoring A delay-monitoring system should be able to provide accurate estimates of the end-to-end delay of the routing paths between arbitrary nodes in the network.

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