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Memoirs of a WWII Fighter Pilot

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T broke into them so fast I lost Morrison, my wingman. [ missed my shot that time and they went over me and down after Morrison. Tsaw two more Halch's fefl mddel; lI'ilh a cal/I/ol/ shell slill iI/ il. " 10 of them diving at a 38 and rhe /-Ialch fl/ck. [ gave the lead one a burst and hit his left wing and shredded his aileron and he fell off to his left and went in. He was so low there was no chance to recover. 1 kept on going around to my left and shot at the second one. [ knocked a bunch of pieces off his cowling and fuselage but I didn't have time to see what happened to him.

At that point we dropped our belJy tanks and started to climb to the altitude we were supposed to reach to cover the 82nd. As we completed our turn, we flew right over an enemy airfield and in the pattern were four or five Dornier 217 transports. No fighter pilot could turn down a target like that and our Squadron leader, Johnny Shepherd, went after them. I followed my flight leader in the attack and wasted a few rounds of ammunition I needed badly a little later. In all this turning and changing direction, I had fallen back of my Green one and two by about fifty or sixty yards.

I think all sixteen of us took shots at that Jerry and I'm sure some hits were made. We chased him around those Yugoslavian mountains for fifteen minutes and never shot him down. At first we began to get mad, and did a lot of cussing, but as time went on, it became funny, and all of us were laughing at our lack of success. Well, that guy flying the Storch wa one hellova pilot, and he made us miss time and again. He could turn inside of us at any speed, could low down to a crawl and hide in a canyon, and speed up again faster than we could adjust.

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