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Apollos Warriors КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Air college PressАвтор(ы): Michael E. HaasЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 1997Количество страниц: 380ISBN: 1-58566-035-3Формат: pdf (e-book)Размер: 7.46 mb RapidIfolder fifty one

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Inevitably, training and mission-preparation time suffered, with predictable losses. The radio communications problem continued to haunt Aviary planners until the SCR-300 infantry radio was introduced. Lightweight and simple to operate, it proved ideal for communications between the agents and the SCR-300-equipped aircraft flying overhead. Communications were enhanced still further by the simple technique of trailing a long coaxial cable behind an in-flight C47, the cable becoming a giant radio antenna.

At nightfall, the same aircrews switched to their “black hat” work, putting long hours in on dangerous low-level infiltration flights behind enemy lines. 7 Of the list, only the last modification was accomplished, with the addition of the SCR-300 radio. Capt Heinie Aderholt himself saw the hordes of Chinese bearing down on unsuspecting, vulnerable American units like a tidal wave of death. As Aderholt now recalls: We saw thousands and thousands of troops, trucks, bumper to bumper! It was a moonlight night, snow on the ground.

A KLO study in early 1951 describing ways to increase the effectiveness of special air-intelligence projects observed: Under Captain Harry C. Aderholt, CO of Unit 4, the crews have developed considerable skill in the special techniques required on these special missions. . 2 While the “duty day problem” would remain apparently insurmountable for the foreseeable future, the unit’s return to K-2 was followed The missions have become much longer since moving our base of operations to K-2. In addition, KLO has stepped up the number of flights per month.

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