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Книга определяет архитектурные и экологические цели на даный момент, анализирует современную работу в комплексе с социальными и экологическими проблемами. Книга по истории и теории градостроительства на английском языке. Доступно и понятно написано.

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Their buildings are halting attempts, for example in black marble and glass, better suited to colder climes. Much of the legacy of the early years, and still prevailing even today, is an unhappy mixture of tokenism, surface dressing, confused expression of values. People have said, ‘we are losing our identity’’ . Progress however, does not lie in replicating traditional styles. The issue is how to accommodate local tradition with modern techniques. 5Skikda, Algeria: In the mould of ‘unite d’habitation’ - apartment blocks inappropriately appearing in the desert There is much evidence of the ‘Post-Modern dream house’’ , essentially Western with an outward aspect, which has replaced the inward-looking traditional Islamic house.

Although aimed at furthering a more committed social and environmental ethos, missing yet so essential in responsible architecture, the main thread of this essay is not aimed at diminishing the importance of the aesthetic form. In sharper focus, architecture does deserve the highest pedestal, rising above purely perfunctor y technological and material practicalities. Classical ernacular and Modernism Classical,, V Vernacular In a treatise on Classical Architecture and Vernacular Building (1990), Krier draws distinctions between the cultures of two familiar traditions to feed the discussion on their quintessential differences.

This grouping of lofty sculptures in unison won the Agha Kahn award for design excellence. 54 DIRECTIONS IN ARCHITECTURE There are, however, other more responsive Western architectural contributions to the oil wealth-driven development in the Middle East. Jeddah, 100 miles to the west, boasts the Haj Air Terminal by SOM of North America, proving that even Western architects can be sensitive to the opportunity provided by environmental and cultural indicators. The derivative design incorporating twenty-one enormously scaled tent structures provides a tenable air temperature of 80o F under the tents while the ambient temperature is 130 o F outside.

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