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Examples of supercritical flow include flow in street gutters during a rainfall event, flow down a spillway, and flow in steep concrete channels. Log rides in amusement park flumes are also good examples of supercritical flow. 16 (a) Supercritical flow in a natural channel and (b) flood bore, unsteady and rapidly varied, in the same channel. 28 Introduction to Open Channel Hydraulics Chapter 2 Steady, uniform, gradually varied, or rapidly varied flow conditions for subcritical or supercritical flow regimes may be adequately addressed with the procedures outlined in this book.

21) All the terms have been defined as part of the derivation of α on page 20. 33, with the larger values representing a deeply flooded cross section or ice-jam flooding. For hand computations, β is often neglected, since it is normally a small value. β is computed and applied automatically by HEC-RAS. 4 Computing the momentum coefficient. 1, compute the momentum coefficient. 22) This equation represents a momentum balance, which exists when the opposing forces acting on the isolated system are exactly equal in the x-direction.

The Chézy equation was used throughout the world for the rest of the nineteenth century, with much engineering effort directed to refining the prediction of the roughness coefficient. The coefficient varies with depth, hydraulic radius, and other variables, and several prediction equations for the Chézy C were formulated. However, late in the nineteenth century, Robert Manning, an Irish engineer, reevaluated available prototype data gathered from actual canals and channels and compared measured velocities to the computed Chézy velocities.

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