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By Kate Moss

Examining the erosion of people's democratic rights and the capability catastrophic risks of neglecting civil liberties, this bookexplores the endemic hazard of the enlarged energy of the kingdom and the principal function of presidency in undermining own freedoms by using nation strength within the identify of the security of security.

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Similarly some groups historically associated with the left/liberal political spectrum and the advancement of civil society such as women’s rights groups have recently advocated the collection of the DNA of men accused of partner abuse. Thus, not only are we witnessing the expansion of DNA use, the conditions which may make its further expansion possible remain important. 6 Inevitably there have been rapid developments in surveillance technology. These include issues such as biometrics – particularly with regard to airline passengers and the justifications behind them – as well as developments in improving CCTV images.

The ‘anti-terrorism’ measures described above are illustrative examples. In addition, in the field of determining asylum claims, legislative provisions have limited judicial discretion in finding facts favourable to asylum-seekers. Recently, Amnesty has said that the Inquiries Act 2005 has fundamentally compromised the role of Judges in upholding the rule of law and human rights for all by undermining the proper separation of powers between the Judiciary and the Executive in the UK. What do they mean by this?

Plans to do away with courts for petty crime and trial by jury for some crimes have also been discussed. In November 2007, the Government was again considering the penalties for speeding with suggestions being made for tougher penalties and the possibility of banning drivers after they incur only 6 points rather than 12, as well as the potential for speed cameras to identify motorists who then may be awarded 12 points in one ‘go’ rather than 3, depending on how fast they are going. indd 20 10/6/2011 1:16:20 PM Liberty versus Security 21 were highlighted.

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