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During this thought-provoking booklet tha writer courses the reader from an outline of the existential challenge of mental Addictions to a potential answer resulting in a in all likelihood confident final result for the person. The primary subject matter of the booklet is anchored within the dismal nature of postmodern id with a spotlight on looking for which means in what we're and who we're. residing during this postmodern international certainly results in a superficial lifestyles and likely blind quest of buying nonessential and meaningless issues designed to reinforce our ill-defined, vulnerable and susceptible self. even supposing this results in a fake experience of happiness, it doesn't generate precise contentment not to mention feel of wellbeing and fitness. This publication makes an attempt to guide the reader at the direction from the postmodernism dependence on mental Addictions to freedom, the expression of one's id and actual feel of wellbeing and fitness.

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There is a sort of predisposition towards fear. Aggressive personalities are usually the more afraid because they project violent feelings on to the outer world and receive, in return, threatening impressions. In our society, the perception of risk is The Fascination of Risk. A Compulsory Choice for Young People? 29 high and constant. It is mainly an anonymous, widespread, insinuating and faceless risk, which feeds a passive fear, which is equally as vague and fluctuating. Society and individual try to defend themselves from the anxiety and anguish by activating mechanisms of defence, of which the most enigmatic include the search for risk as an end in itself, independently of a purpose to be achieved.

This society, however, undergoes the dismantling of the load-bearing structures without new ones being designed at the same time, as what were once collective institutions become containers of individuality. In a flourishing society, individual survival has become an end and, in solitary folly, each person continues along their insignificant path. The totalitarianisms of the last century were capable of animating great passions and indicating goals that mapped out the future. Now, however each person is alone with himself: nobody offers them a direction or indicates an objective.

Risking evokes the possibility of putting something and/or someone at risk. Seeking risk is typically human: it does not have the function of a 24 Laura Tappatà value, but for the subject is a value in itself; here the value is that of daring and the pleasure of the risk itself is to see how it goes, to try, test and experiment. This is the attitude of the adolescent who, unlike an adult, runs a risk in full awareness, for the pleasure of doing so. If it is a challenge for the young person, for the adult it becomes a virtue, because it is associated with prudence (Gonzalo Miranda, 2008).

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