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Again while irony used to be only a literary equipment and other people wore bell-bottoms for his or her personal sake, Western civilization reached its zenith and nadir at the same time. Jonathan Vankin's titanic ebook of the '70s appears in outstanding intensity on the traits and the awesome figures of that decade, utilizing illustrations from dozens of good comics artists like Shary Flenniken and Terry Laban. Richard Nixon, Jane Fonda, Burt Reynolds, and Jimmy Carter all get the massive booklet therapy in a scrumptious blend of behind-the-scenes peeks and simply digested historical past classes. Fads and phenomena like disco, operating, and the increase of the women's circulation also are defined and, from time to time, up via smooth instances. The writing is apparent and snappy, the representation is constantly well-done, and the themes selected are a radical, complete mixture of light-weight (pet rocks) and severe (Vietnam). --Rob Lightner This new addition to the hugely profitable massive booklet sequence takes a glance again on the "Me Decade". one of the themes during this quantity are streaking, the increase and fall of Studio fifty four, puppy rocks, the kung fu motion picture craze, the tip of the conflict in Vietnam, and politics from Watergate to the Iran hostage trouble

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