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By Carl R. Green, William R. Sanford, Howard Schroeder

A mad health practitioner replaces a part of his friend's broken mind with the mind of a legal and unleashes a chain of violent occasions.

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At one level, Henderson openly notes the similarity between the content of The Searchers and the kinds of topics studied by anthropologists like Levi-Strauss: kinship, race, marriage and tribal relations. And Henderson's reading is heavily influenced by Levi-Straussian methodologies, especially STRUCTURALISM AND SEMIOTICS 29 insofar as he treats the film as a myth which tries to reconcile a social conflict. At the heart of the social conflict in The Searchers - the opposition between whites and Indians - Henderson finds one overarching opposition: that between Debbie Edwards (Natalie Wood) and Martin Pawley (Jeffrey Hunter).

Ideological State apparatuses differ from repressive State apparatuses. Repressive State apparatuses are the kinds of easily identifiable governmental institutions and practices which enforce law and order and which ensure the smooth and civil running of public services - for example, the police, legal institutions, prisons, governments themselves (national and local). Ideological State apparatuses differ from repressive ones in the sense that they are not explicitly sanctioned under the banner of ensuring law and order, but are nevertheless institutions which reinforce the functioning of those laws and that order.

Roland Barthes extended Levi-Strauss's findings to contemporary societies, arguing that myths are ideological insofar as they render social contradictions neutral (see Barthes 1972). Oedipus complex: Initially formulated by Sigmund Freud, one of the major complexes theorized by psychoanalysis. Typically, from the male child's perspective, it describes the unconscious conflict played out by the child's love and desire for his mother and his hatred for his father, insofar as the father blocks the boy's desire for the mother.

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