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The offspring of the younger females live there. When the mother leaves her offspring she seals the entrance with dirt to protect them from danger. 5 to 8 inches (12-20 cm) FOOD CELLARS FOOD DEPOSIT 3 to 10 feet (1 to 3 m) LIVING AREAS The secondary corridor has only one exit, which is not connected to the warren or other areas. NEST 130 feet PROTECTED INTERIOR Interior tunnels are lined with vegetation and rabbit fur to keep them from deteriorating and to protect them from moisture. Rabbits that receive the warning will remain in place, motionless.

TROJAN HORSE Unable to capture the city of Troy during a siege that lasted 10 years, the Greeks built a hollow wooden horse, concealed warriors inside it, and left it on the beach. The Trojans, thinking it a gift from Poseidon, brought it into the city. At night, the warriors left their hiding place and opened the city's gates to the remainder of the Greek army, burning and seizing the city. Myths THEIR ORIGIN STEMS FROM THE OBSERVATION OF NATURE. ROMULUS AND REMUS These two brothers were abandoned on the shores of the Tiber, but they were found by a female wolf, Luperca, who suckled and raised them.

KIDNEYS concentrate urine to retain water. LOOP OF HENLE recovers part of the water. Because the loop is longer in dromedaries than in any other mammal, water circulates for a very long time. HUMP Fat accumulates and prevents the excretion of water from the whole body. This allows camels to use a minimum of water. 31 pounds Their mucus structure is 100 times more complex than that of humans and retains 66 percent of the air's moisture. Normal Erythrocyte (130 l) THE AMOUNT OF WATER DROMEDARIES CAN CONSUME IN 10 MINUTES Characteristics ERYTHROCYTES greatly distill the urine, preventing unnecessary water loss.

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