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The devastation wrought via earthquakes and volcanoes usually obscures the truth that those damaging forces also are the most inventive at the planetindeed, the lifestyles of mountains and continents may scarcely be attainable if normal forces have been to return to a whole standstill. With targeted diagrams outlining the constitution of continental and oceanic crust and the distribution of significant plate movement, this e-book introduces readers to the variety of job that could form or decimate a complete area.

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M. on August 25, the pyroclastic flows reached Pompeii. These flows are estimated to have reached temperatures of 1,022° F (550° C). RICHES Several precious objects such as this gold bracelet have been unearthed. pyroclasts, continuing on the following morning, and emissions of sulfuric gases that killed many people. Many sought shelter on the beaches. Only on August 26 did the ashfall begin to disperse. 54 STUDY AND PREVENTION VOLCANOES AND EARTHQUAKES 55 1 In the House of the Faun Objects and human bodies were found under Pompeii's ashes, preserved in the position in which the disaster surprised them.

These fractures are especially common near mountain ranges and mid-ocean ridges. Unfortunately, many population centers were built up in regions near these dangerous places, and, when an earthquake occurs, they become disaster areas. Where the tectonic plates collide, the risk is even greater. which seismic activity and a high population density coincide. But in the open country, where earthquakes have much less effect, we can conclude that it is not earthquakes, but buildings, that kill people.

60 EARTHQUAKES VOLCANOES AND EARTHQUAKES 61 ORIGIN OF AN EARTHQUAKE Deep Rupture 1 arthquakes take place because tectonic plates are in constant motion, and therefore they collide with, slide past, and in some cases even slip on top of each other. The Earth's crust does not give outward signs of all the movement within it. Rather energy builds up from these movements within its rocks until the tension is more than the rock can bear. At this point the energy is released at the weakest parts of the crust.

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