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By P.S. Deshpande

Stay away from this booklet just like the plague.

The authors did a good activity in proposing the tips and ideas, yet this is why i don't suggest this book:
- Too Many mistakes within the resource code. I spent extra time debugging the code than truly attempting to find out about information buildings in C.
- Poorly Edited. It has many grammatical blunders and typos.

They must have by no means published this publication.

Find one other e-book on info buildings do not waste a while with this one like I did.

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Extra info for C & Data Structures

Sample text

That is, if the pointer points to an integer, the pointer is incremented by 2, and, if it is long, it is incremented by 4. h> void printarr(int a[]); void printdetail(int a[]); void print_usingptr(int a[]); main() { int a[5]; for(int i = 0;i<5;i++) { a[i]=i; } print_usingptr(a); } void printarr(int a[]) { for(int i = 0;i<5;i++) { printf("value in array %d\n",a[i]); } } void printdetail(int a[]) { Chapter 9: Arrays 61 62 Chapter 9: Arrays for(int i = 0;i<5;i++) { printf("value in array %d and address is %8u\n",a[i],&a[i]); } } void print_usingptr(int a[]) { int *b; b=a; for(int i = 0;i<5;i++) { printf("value in array %d and address is %16lu\n",*b,b); b++; // A } } Explanation 1.

The condition is evaluated before the loop body is executed. If the condition is false then the loop body is not executed. 5. The update part is executed only after the loop body is executed and is generally used for updating the loop variables. 6. The absence of a condition is taken as true. 7. It is the responsibility of the programmer to make sure the condition is false after certain iterations. THE for LOOP WITH A COMMA OPERATOR Introduction You may want to control the loop variables in the same for loop.

10. Since i also has the location 1000, the value of i gets changed automatically from 10 to 50, which is confirmed from the printf statement written at position i. Points to Remember 1. Pointers give a facility to access the value of a variable indirectly. 2. You can define a pointer by including a* before the name of the variable. 3. You can get the address where a variable is stored by using &. Chapter 7: The scanf Function scanf Introduction The scanf function is used to read information from a standard input device (keyboard).

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