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Existence technology; dwelling issues want power, dwelling issues and their Environment.EARTH technological know-how; Rocks adn Minerals, gradual alterations on the earth, quick alterations on Earth.PHYSICAL technology; electrical energy, Magnetism.

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Record your observations. Use your observations to describe how water moves through a plant. Apply It C Now observe how water travels through other plants. Repeat the investigation using a white flower, such as a carnation. Record your observations so you can share them with classmates. 35 EXTEND Lesson 2 Food Chains Animals need energy to live and grow. Where do you think this energy comes from? Where do you get the energy you need to live and grow? a. Students know plants are the primary source of matter and energy entering most food chains.

This helps decomposers break down matter faster. 44 EXPLAIN A The decomposers growing on this log are called fungi. They slowly break down this fallen log. A Most earthworms eat plant life that has already died. Earthworms pass nutrients from dead plants to the soil. Special Jobs for Decomposers There are many types of decomposers. Each breaks down a special type of organism. For example, earthworms break down plants only. Plantlike organisms called fungi (FUN•jigh) break down rotting wood and other plant parts.

Plants make up most of the biomass in an environment. Biomass is a measure of the amount of living things in an environment. There are more plants in most environments 32 EXPLAIN than any other living thing. Plants are the main source of matter and energy in an environment. The animals in an environment use plants as a source of food and energy. Quick Check Compare and Contrast How does the number of plants in an environment compare to the number of animals? Critical Thinking How would an environment’s biomass change if plants could not carry out photosynthesis?

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