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1 Not surprisingly, Grenville learned soon afterwards that Castlereagh was not averse to vacating so thankless a post. Castlereagh did his best to master the unfamiliar problems of India. He reinforced his reading by consulting such notable experts as Dundas and Cornwallis, and he was well served by some of his staff. His first notable success was to effect a temporary reconciliation between Wellesley and the Court. This entailed submission to the Court's demand that Indian expenditure and debts should be sharply decreased.

He also underlined the Irish dependence upon Britain for protection, writing in September 1798, I consider it peculiarly advantageous that we shall owe our security so entirely to the interposition of Great Britain. I have always been apprehensive of that false confidence which might arise from an impression that security had been obtained by our own exertions. ' There was in Castlereagh's conduct at this time a little too much of the impetuosity and over-confidence of youth. In general he had not miscalculated, for past experience had shown that on most issues the British government had been able to impose its will on Ireland.

L But Cornwallis continued to go his own way, disliking Ireland and most things Irish; limiting his confidence to Castlereagh and few others; nauseated by political jobbery, and anxious to doze away the remainder of his days at his Suffolk farm at Culford. Only his sense of duty sustained him, but his outlook made the task of Castlereagh and Clare more difficult. Castlereagh's analysis of the character, composition and suspected motives of the opposition to Union led him to some important conclusions in February 1799, and provided him with the basis for a second, and this time more carefully prepared campaign.

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