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By Augusta Stevenson

Essentially the most well known sequence ever released for younger american citizens, those classics were praised alike via mom and dad, academics, and librarians. With those energetic, inspiring, fictionalized biographies - simply learn by way of young ones of 8 and up - trendy kid is swept correct into heritage.

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Books Bains, Rae. Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield. ]. : Troll Co mmunications, 1997. Rose, M ary Catherine. Clara Barton: Soldier ofMercy. New York: Chelsea H ouse Publishers, 199 1. Sonneborn, Liz. Clara Barton. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 199 1. Stevenson, Augusta, and Frank G iacoia. Clara Barton, Founder of the American Red Cross. New Yo rk: Aladdin Paperbacks, 1986. W Washington, DC 20006 202-639-3300 31 Afri ca n-Am erican rights, 9, 15, 16 Am eri ca n C ivil War, 10-13 Ameri can Red C ross bl ood drives, 22 establishment of, 20-2 1, 24 Liberty Fund, 23 nati o nal headquarters, 20 September 11 attacks and, 22- 23 Treaty of Geneva and, 2 1 Antho ny, Susan B.

Government to give wom en the right to vote. treaty (TREE-tee) A treaty is a formal agree m ent between co untri es. The American Red Cross was estab lished when the Treaty of Geneva was signed . Union (YOON-yun) The U ni on is another nam e for the U nited States of America. During the C ivil War, th e No rth was called the U ni on . volunteer (vol-uhn-TEER) A vo luntee r is som eone who offers to wo rk witho ut bein g paid. Clara Barton wo rked as a war volunteer during the C ivil War. html Note to Parents, Teachers, and Libmrians: We ro utin ely verify our Web links (0 make sure they're safe, active sites-so encourage your read ers (0 check them out!

S. Patent Office. philosophy (fih- LOSS-uh-fee) Philosophy is th e study of truth , wisdom, and ideas abo ut life. Philoso phy was one of the subj ects C lara Barton studi ed in school. regiment (REJ-ih-ment) A regim ent is a military unit made up of eve ral battal ions. Clara helped gather clothes and suppli es for the Sixth Massachusetts Regimen t. 30 Suffrage is the ri ght to vote. S. government to give wom en the right to vote. treaty (TREE-tee) A treaty is a formal agree m ent between co untri es.

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