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By Yael Calhoun, David Seideman

Even supposing weather adjustments have happened from time to time within the far-off prior, the speed at which climatic alterations are occurring appears expanding, inflicting issues that the surroundings and inhabitants of people and different animals may be adversely affected.

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Increased summer drought might eliminate or severely contract small wetlands important for migratory waterfowl. Coastal ecosystems could be harmed if sea levels rise faster than wetlands can accrete sediments or if inland migration of wetlands is blocked. Mangroves may move into southern areas, and the productivity of estuarine ecosystems would be affected by changes in salinity resulting from the combination 11 12 CLIMATE CHANGE of sea-level rise and changing runoff. Changes in runoff and winds will also affect circulation in estuaries and aquatic productivity.

D. Human Health Human health is highly sensitive to climate change, but the nation’s wealth and its strong public health system will likely prevent any significant human health problems. Increased flooding, hurricanes, and coastal storms could put more people at risk of injury or death. Heat stress mortality is expected to increase (although increased use of air conditioning can partially offset this), and there could be isolated outbreaks of infectious diseases. Low-income elderly residents of inner cities in the Northeast and Midwest are at greatest risk of heat stress, and increased risk of dengue fever may be greatest along the Rio Grande.

Forest fires, volcanoes, and dust storms put particulates and gases into the air. Plants, in their process of respiration, give off volatile organic compounds. But it comes down to numbers. As the following article from Conservation International (CI) explains, humans put the same amount of carbon dioxide into the air every two days as the eruption of volcano Mount St. Helens released on May 18, 1980. Humans burning coal, gas, and oil add most of this carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas (GHG) that is contributing to global warming.

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