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By R. Belcher (Eds.)

This article is essentially meant for readers who've a few heritage in chemistry and who desire to discover extra concerning the ways that desktops and electronics are influencing the suggestions of gazing chemical structures, the purchase of knowledge, its garage, and its transmission from one position to a different. Many very important options - comparable to interfacing, information assortment, info bases, details providers and desktop networks - are lined in an simply assimilated and finished manner

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Only a very small number of case studies have been presented - many more could have been prepared. Virtually every aspect of modern life is influenced by the activities of the analyst: What is analysis? Public Health Perfumery Printed Circuit Board Manufacture Brewing Semiconductor Industry Explosives Industry Dying Industry Paint Manufacture Detergents Legal Work Marine Research Clinical Chemistry Fertilizers Geological Research etc 29 Paper Manufacture Clothing/Textile Industry Drug Screening and Testing Food Production Confectionery Pollution Monitoring Petroleum Industry Nuclear Fuel Industry Ceramics Space Research Pesticides Rubber Production Cosmetics Surface studies In fewer than 100 years analytical chemistry has progressed from a mystic somewhat unreliable art (Cam79) to a precise reliable science that affects a large number of other areas of human activity.

A further example of how these different subject areas unite in this way is illustrated by instrumental approaches to the problem of odour analysis. Odour analysis and control is an important aspect of food manufacturing processes. Uncontrolled odours can influence employees involved in plant operation and local inhabitants of the environment in which the factory may be sited. For a variety of reasons the analysis of odours represents an interesting analytical problem. Bedborough (Bed80) has described the use of human sensory measurement of odour based upon the use of panellists.

Protective B a r r i e r ( B ) MillllllllllUllUllllillillllUIIU Y Internal E n v i r o n m e n t //////////ZZ7. (I) M Fig. 14 Simple model for the effect of packaging on food. Similarly, the internal environment (I) depends upon the condition of the food (F^, packaging properties (B) and on external environmental parameters. Thus, if Q is the water activity in the food at any time, then the following equation can be formulated: Q = f(Q0,t,RH,k! k n,T ... ) (B) where Q q is the initial activity and k^ through k n are constants characterising the sorptive and diffusional properties of food and of the package.

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