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By James P. Coan

A memoir/history of a much-beleaguered Marine outpost of the DMZ.Throughout a lot of 1967, a distant usa Marine firebase simply miles from the demilitarized area (DMZ) captured the eye of the world’s media. That artillery-scarred outpost was once the linchpin of the so-called McNamara Line meant to discourage incursions into South Vietnam by means of the North Vietnamese military. As such, the struggling with alongside this territory used to be quite excessive and bloody, and the physique count number rose daily.Con Thien combines James P. Coan’s own reviews with info taken from data, interviews with conflict contributors, and professional records to build a strong tale of the way of life and wrestle at the purple clay bulls-eye referred to as "The Hill of Angels." As a tank platoon chief in Alpha corporation, 3d Tank Battalion, 3d Marine department, Coan used to be stationed at Con Thien for 8 months in the course of his 1967-68 provider in Vietnam and witnessed a lot of the carnage.Con Thien was once seriously bombarded via enemy artillery with impunity since it was once positioned in politically delicate territory and the U.S. govt wouldn't allow direct armed reaction from Marine tanks. Coan, like many different infantrymen, started to suppose as if the govt used to be as a lot the enemy because the NVA, but he persevered to struggle for his kingdom with all that he had. In his riveting memoir, Coan depicts the hardships of existence within the DMZ and the ineffectiveness of a lot of the U.S. army attempt in Vietnam.

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Ten thousand Frenchmen were taken prisoner. But victory had not come cheaply, as the Viet Minh suffered twenty-three thousand casualties. Despite the loss by the French of many of their ¤nest soldiers, the most important result of the battle was psychological. A demoralized French government faced escalating protests by a war-weary populace who demanded an end to the Indochina war. French leaders were resigned to negotiating a settlement. In Geneva, Switzerland, a meeting called the Four Great Powers Conference was already under way to negotiate a Korea settlement.

S. troops because it was lightweight and dried out quickly when wet. NVA equipped with the AK-47 assault ri®e wore a vest with three large pockets in the middle to carry thirty-round magazines for Nguyen of the North versus PFC Jones 35 their weapon. Extra pockets carried loose ammo and cleaning gear. Soldiers equipped with the SKS carbine wore an ammo pouch with ten pockets to carry ten-round clips. Even though each soldier modi¤ed or adapted gear to ¤t his needs for carrying grenades or special equipment, they all carried an entrenching tool with a six-inch-wide blade on a twenty-inch-long handle, essential for survival against allied artillery and air strikes.

Starbird, to head up Task Force 728. On September 15, 1966, McNamara informed General Starbird that his top-secret task force’s mission was “to provide an in¤ltration interdiction system to stop (or at a minimum substantially reduce) the ®ow of men and supplies from North to South Vietnam. It is . . a matter of highest priority. 1 General Westmoreland favored such a plan because he believed a barrier would eliminate the need for further troop reinforcements in I Corps, but he recommended to McNamara that it be toned down initially.

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