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10 To an Elamite bow [ .... 11 [May] the bow you grasp [ ... ] Ela[m ... 12 May [it ... ] in Elam [ ...... ] 13 The Illipaean( s) [ ...... ] 14 [ ... ] Anzanaean(s) [.... 15 [ ... ] like [ ...... (Rest destroyed) 8 9 19. Assurbanipa! -['i-i x x x at-Ii-rna d[15 x x x x x falLli-rna x[x x x x x x rest broken away x[xxxxxxxxxx i-[xxxxxxxxxx x[xxxxxxxxxx x[xxxxxxxxxx x[xxxxxxxxxx (Beginning destroyed) 2 "[ ... ] when I came [...... ] ] "1 trod the sea road [ ...... ] 4 "I opened the gate of righteousness [ ......

17 Save the life of the weak one, whom my ill-wishers constricted; me, over whose head the ill-wishing women swilled as water their charms. 19 In your breath may the one who is as dead live, may his finished life be again. 9 slave-girl of my father," but this does not fit the implications of the context. 6 This could conceivably be taken as an allusion to an eclipse with evil portent, but it is more likely that darkness in a general metaphorical sense is meant. 12 An epithet of NabG. meaning in Sumerian "one called by a good name".

Let me [ ... ] iron armour on the horses [ ... ]! 23 Do not [ ...... ] your mighty troops! The FIG. 16. 17 . G. Lambert, AnSt 11 (1961) 143ff. Schramm, EAK II (1973), p. 81f. 5 Schramm (lac. GA-iJ, "pleasantly"; the reading given above seems to fit the ---+ 44 warfare of the Urartian slave [is ... J. Assur has inspired me with confidence and ent[rusted me ...... ]! 26 The people of Assyria heard the na[ me of ...... ], [wishing] exceedingly good luck to the lord [ ...... ]: 28 Go, lord of kings!

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