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By Thomas L Bohan

This identify examines forensic instances and investigative tools from the forensic engineering sciences, which come with the actual sciences in addition to the entire engineering fields.

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If there is no suspect vehicle identified soon after the event, by, for example, a tip to the police, the tire and vehicle information collected at the scene will form the basis of a more painstaking, in fact tedious, search by police investigators using motor-vehicle databases. With luck, the track width will turn out to be unusual. 6 m) that is associated with hundreds of car models. Still, this information will be important in the examination of any vehicle that comes under suspicion for other reasons.

One might not have friends for long if one cross-examined them on everything they said and yelled “nonresponsive” whenever they did not answer the question asked. ” Nevertheless, there are some practices of the forensic arena that can help in ordinary life. The most important of these is refusing to accept statements at face value. Not only should one not believe everything one hears or reads, one should not believe anything without having more reason to do so than that a friend or acquaintance said it or that it was in print.

If a suspect vehicle is examined shortly after the accident, all three of these facts will be useful either for ruling that vehicle out or for examining it and its driver further. Since tread pattern can be changed simply by changing tires, and since millions of cars on the road have nearly the same tread width, the tread information is not nearly as valuable as the track width, especially as time passes. Track width—the separation between the left and right wheels—is characteristic of the vehicle.

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