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By Dante Alighieri

This new serious version, together with Mark Musa’s vintage translation, offers scholars with a transparent, readable verse translation followed through ten leading edge interpretations of Dante’s masterpiece.

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Next, GUERCIO, in the form of a snake, strikes Buoso, and the two exchange shapes. Only PUCCIO SCIANCATO is left unchanged. FROM THE RIDGE high above the Eighth Boigia can be perceived a myriad of flames flickering far below, and Virgil explains that within each flame is the suffering soul of a DECEIVER. One flame, divided at the top, catches the Pilgrim's eye and he is told that within it are jointly punished ULYSSES AND DIOMED. Virgil questions the pair for the benefit of the Pilgrim. Ulysses responds with the famous narrative of his last voyage, during which he passed the Pillars of Hercules and sailed the forbidden sea until he saw a mountain shape, from which came suddenly a whirlwind that spun his ship around three times and sank it.

Many commentators interpret "the gate Saint Peter guards" as referring not to the gate of Heaven (in the Paradise no gate is mentioned) but to the gate of Purgatory, for in Canto IX of the Purgatory we are told that its gate is guarded by an angel whose keys have been given him by Peter. " But it is difficult to believe that "the gate Saint Peter guards" refers to the entrance to Purgatory: neither the Pilgrim nor his guide could have known in Canto I anything about the entrance to Purgatory, nor could they have known about the absence of a gate in Paradise.

One unidentified NAVARRESE, however, fails to escape and is hoisted up on Graffiacane's hooks; Rubicante and the other Malebranche start to tear into him, but Virgil, at his ward's request, manages to question him between torments. The sinner briefly tells his story, and then relates that he has left below in the pitch an Italian, FRA GOMITA, a particularly adept grafter, who spends his time talking to MICHEL ZANCHE. The Navarrese sinner promises to lure some of his colleagues to the surface for the devils' amusement, if the tormentors will hide themselves for a moment.

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