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By David Abbott

Darkish Albion: A Requiem for the English is being acclaimed as an underground vintage. In 33 witty essays filled with perception and humour, the writer, a Cockney pensioner, portrays immigration as obvious and skilled through the likes of him. Following an introductory essay, he graphically describes "the coming of the English" in 449, covers the present scenario in all its ramifications, and ends with a gorgeous Orwellian essay on England in 2066, through the reign of "William the Conquered".

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It was dispiriting when going out shopping for food to have the inconvenience of putting on several layers of warm clothing, be aware with every step taken of the danger of slipping over, and then discover that the grocery shop did not have what you had gone out for. Five months of this sort of life, especially coming so soon after the war, was intensely wearying. The following winter did not turn out to be as brutal as this one but no one could have known that in advance and the first serious cold spell brought back all the bad memories of the previous year.

The Picts of Caledonia in the far north took advantage of Cunedda’s absence to launch a series of border raids across Hadrian’s Wall. Vortigern invited a band of Jute mercenaries, led by two brothers, Hengist and Horsa, to help repel the invaders. The mercenaries’ three ships arrived at Thanet in Kent, at Pegwell Bay, now a nature reserve. A replica longship with the typical tall twisted prow and row of round shields along the hull commemorates the spot. Chroniclers’ dating of this event, ‘the coming of the English’, to 449 is backed by no evidence (though this did not prevent an anniversary enactment in 1949, when a longship sailed from Denmark and landed at Thanet).

If the English are deemed not to exist the hordes of settlers cannot be accused of subverting English customs and traditions, of usurping the country. The word indigenous when applied to the English is often written with contemptuous inverted commas (but not when applied to the native people of New Zealand, Australia or America, or red squirrels) implying that no such people exist. But surely a race that has lived in a land for fifteen hundred years, with that land being named after them, has the right to be called indigenous.

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