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Booklet purely, paper again replica with spiral binding, 25 pages,

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In any event, the guys knew Kristi was involved in a serious relationship with a 22-year-old Marine, and they flirted with her more because Kristi was good-humored about it than out of any expectation of success. Kristi was an enigma. Attractive and outgoing, Kristi sat with just one or two other NJ High seniors—and not the same seniors every lunch. Sometimes Kristi sat with Dale, a shy and somewhat obese, white senior male. Sometimes she sat with a couple of black senior females. And sometimes she sat with Chuck or another of the Back Corner Boys.

Four teens | 39 Two pedestals support this first-year-out table. One pedestal represents the new economic realities of global America. That is, it represents an American economy that is inextricably tied to the worldwide economy, that has outsourced manufacturing and now is outsourcing technical and support functions, that prefers short-term contracts with an on-call workforce to the long-term consistency of career employees, and that demands long hours from ever more credentialed specialists. The other pedestal represents the popular moral culture of mainstream America.

K r i s t i : My parents went away for a weekend. . I took care of my little brother . . ’cause it was their anniversary, so I told them to get out. ” So they went and I took care of my brother. And [then] they came back, and it just . . everything changed. I don’t know why. I still to this day have no clue why. in te rvi e wer : But you started eating more meals together? k r i s t i : No, we just started enjoying each other. My mom and I became real close, and now my dad and I—’cause I really didn’t talk to my dad, .

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