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By Robert Gardner

Have you ever waited until eventually the final minute to begin your technological know-how undertaking? don't be concerned, award-winning writer Robert Gardner has you coated. almost all these experiments in regards to the barren region biome will be performed in an hour or much less! There also are a couple of longer experiments for the budding scientist and ideas for technological know-how reasonable initiatives when you have extra time!

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You might wonder, How do I use the scientific method? You begin when you see, read, or hear about something in the world that makes you curious. So you ask a question. To find an answer, you do a well-designed investigation. You use the scientific method. Once you have a question, you can make a hypothesis. Your hypothesis is a possible answer to the question (what you think will happen). For example, you might hypothesize that in a hot desert, water will evaporate fast. Once you have a hypothesis, it is time to design an experiment to test your hypothesis.

When they have cooled, reweigh the pans with the seeds or food. Record the weights and any weight lost. What do you conclude? Was there water in the seeds and foods? If all the water present was removed, what percentage of the original weight of each food or seed was water? What’s Going On? You probably found that all the seeds and foods lost weight. That proves there was water in the foods. The percentage of water was probably greater in foods than in seeds. Image Credit: ©Lubava Do you think bean seeds contain water?

Bats have eyes, but they can’t see their prey in the dark. Even so, they fly through darkness, swerving about solid objects as if it were daytime. They use sound, not light, to “see” at night. Their secret is echolocation. They emit sound waves with frequencies as high as 100,000 vibrations per second. Hearing the reflected echoes of these sounds enables them to detect objects in their path. Humans can’t hear these high-pitched sounds. We are limited to sound frequencies between 20 and 20,000 vibrations per second.

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