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By Donald J. Cohen, Dante Cicchetti

This quantity applies a number of degrees of study to neurobiological developmental association, and functioning in normality and psychopathology. It additionally covers issues imperative to a developmental viewpoint on neuroscience.

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Likewise, Gould, Tanapat, McEwen, Flugge, and Fuchs (1998) discovered that new neurons are produced in the dentate gyrus of adult monkeys. , a resident intruder unfamiliar adult male conspecific) inhibits the proliferation of granule cell precursors. Cortisol and glucocorticoids control the rate of the development of these new neurons, and it is clear that the existing neurons are not merely reorganizing their connections. , neurotrophic growth factors, embryonic forms of cell adhesion molecules, axon-guidance molecules).

Moreover, in a landmark prospective longitudinal investigation, Fish, Marcus, Hans, Auerbach, and Perdue (1992) discovered that the infant offspring of schizophrenic mothers displayed greater lags in their motor development during infancy and that a number of these infants themselves went on to develop Schizophrenia or schizotypal personality disorders (see also the seminal work of Walker, Davis, & Gottlieb, 1991, in this regard). Relatedly, Cannon, Rosso, Bearden, Sanchez, and Hadley (1999), in their epidemiological investigation of the Philadelphia cohort of the National Collaborative Perinatal Project, provide compelling evidence that adverse experiences during gestation and birth, as well as deviant cognitive, motor, and behavioral functioning during early childhood, are associated with an increased risk for Schizophrenia.

RESILIENCE Positive adaptation in the face of adversity has captured the interest and imagination of humanity over the ages. However, systematic empirical study of the phenomenon that is today referred to as resilience began only a little more than 30 years ago (Cicchetti & Garmezy, 1993; Masten, Best, & Garmezy, 1990). , Anthony, 1974; Garmezy, 1971, 1974), marking an important shift in theoretical depictions of the causes and consequences of psychopathology. , 2000). As researchers discovered that not all high-risk children manifested the dire consequences that extant theories of psychopathology predicted, understanding the processes through which children at risk did not develop psychopathology became viewed as important for informing theories on the development of maladaptation and pathology.

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