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The one entire, one quantity compilation of the major papers and heritage of layout technique released over the past two decades. part introductions supply a succinct evaluate with the first concentration within the architectural and environmental layout fields.

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Any materials have A ±a hardness, B ± b elasticity, etc . 4. Combined solutions The purpose of this stage is to combine PARTIAL SOLUTIONS into COMBINED SOLUTIONS with the least departure from the P-sPECS. This can be done to some extent by looking down the list of PARTIAL SOLUTIONS and selecting by eye those that appear to go best together. But as this process involves far more alternatives than the memory can handle without confusion it is necessary to do this in stages. e. do not conflict. e.

It is entirely inadequate to treat the city as a building, and to design it by meeting any single pattern of needs, as was done in the case of Brazilia or Chandighar. Even the principle of the master plan, as it is usually practised, which takes into account projected needs, is only a little better, and contains the same fundamental mistake. The span of possible projections into the future is also limited-say it is thirty years. 36 Developments in Design Methodology Even a master plan which looks as far forward as thirty years from now, is still essentially static in its conception; it is still based on the fixed list of needs which are felt now and expected during the next thirty-year interval; whether the programme of needs to be met covers a few years more or less, cannot alter the fact that it invites a design conceived only to meet those fixed needs.

Provision of storage for distribution and marketing crops. 38. Provision of thr,eshing floor and its protection from marauders. 50. Protected storage of fodder. 55. Cattle access to water. 77. Village and individual houses must be protected from fire. 91. Provision and storage of fuel. 103. Bullock cart access to house for bulk of gram, fodder. Access for cattle to water (55) should be to good water, hence to drinking water distribution system, feeding off compound wall D2. e. the compound wall.

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