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First released in 1938, this paintings is necessary for an realizing of the cost of the 3 prairie provinces and of the implementation of the nationwide coverage initiated through Sir John A. Macdonald.

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The land", said Macdonald in the debate on the Manitoba Act, "could not be handed over to them, it was of the greatest importance to the Dominion to have possession of it. . " The designs which underlay 6 "DOMINION LANDS" POLICY this policy were deeper than either Kiel or his opponents at Red River could have surmised. Upon the shoulders of the new Dominion the Colonial Office was preparing to devolve responsibility for the organization and development of British interests in North America. The "purposes of the Dominion" were already under way, and the land itself seemed to be the one resource, in the views of that day, by which the phenomenal development south of the international boundary could be paralleled by a transcontinental British Dominion on Canadian soil.

During the sixties more than a dozen grants were made to wagon roads in various public land states of the Union. The generosity of Congress for roads, canals, and river improvements - more than 10,000,000 acres were granted for these purposes-was soon dwarfed, however, by the prodigal liberality to the railways. A new technique of transportation was abroad, and it captured the imagination of the nation. Not even the conquest of the air by our own generation has stirred so powerfully the interests and ambitions of the day.

The historic origins of pre-emption regulations to safeguard "squatters' rights" in the United States had no counterpart in the normal pre-emption regulations in Canada which were devised for the homesteader already established upon a contiguous quarter section of free land. The name was the same, but it would be hard to devise a greater contrast in origin and purpose. These and many other anomalies, however, are easily lost sight of in the innumerable analogies of environment and technique. Even personnel played its part; for there were no more resourceful pioneers for "the last frontier" in the Canadian West than those who had already shared the earlier and more spectacular development of the western states.

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