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B + N, equal material Questions: Why are two bishops superior to bishop + knight or two knights? Who is better in D iagram 387 How should White handle this position? Diagram 38 Answers: In the first place, two bishops are not always superior to B + N or 2 N. The two bishops may be passively placed or be handicapped by a poor pawn formation or the other side may have very active pieces or a spatial advantage. Under such conditions it is even possi ble that the side with the bishops stands worse.

Bc8 14 Nc5 15 Kd3 ! 1 16 Kd4 Kd6 R esigns. ·w � � � f� f� �� - �� • • . � �*� � � . • • • • He is in zugzwang again and must lose the a-pawn. Mr. Ol ivier raises the question whether Black could not hold the position after the further moves: 16 Bf5 1 7 Nxa& 18 Nc5 Bcl7 Ba8 47 The answer is of course, No. Not only is he a full pawn down, but sti l l has weaknesses o n b5, d5 and h5, n o counterplay a t all and very import­ antly, White's king can get into Black's kingside via f4. A fairly d irect method for White is 1 9 Ke3 Ke5 20 Nd3t Kd6 21 Kf41 Bd7 22 Nc5 Be8 23 Kf51 Bc6 (23 ...

After the text White's pieces get access to f4 and Black wil l not be able to prevent penetration of his kingside. Much more attractive for Black is to i mmediately execute the plan recommended by Mr. Olivier on move 1 6: 5... Bf51 6 Nxa6 Bd7 7 Nc5 Be8. I would thi n k that Black ultimately should lose, but since Black's kingside is sound, penetration by Whi te's pieces is very difficult and White would have to maneuver perfectly to be able to progress. 46 6 Nd3 7 Nc5 8 Ke371 Bcl7 Bc8 However, with this sequence White leaves his knight insufficiently pro­ tected, which Black can exploit with 8...

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