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By Claus Naske

Claus-M. Naske has written the 1st biography of the fellow who helped to make Alaska the forty-ninth nation and who served as certainly one of Alaska's first senators. greater than a local political background, the tale of Bob Bartlett consists of his competition to U.S. involvement in Vietnam and his early warnings concerning the risks posed by means of radiation.

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Spreading out beyond these stood the many low log houses in which most residents lived. Most of the saloons were on Front Street, while the shops were located on Second and Third avenues and along Cushman, the main street bisecting the avenues. Economically, Fairbanks depended on the miners who worked the rich placer deposits of the Tanana Valley. All others traders, grocers, butchers, hardware merchants, dry-goods dealers, lawyers, saloon keepers, restaurant keepers, bakers, cleaners, gamblers, prostitutes depended for their livelihood on the labors of these men.

He appeared wise and kind and gentle to Bob. A mystery, however, surrounded the man. He never removed his hat, and nobody ever discovered what he covered so zealously, 30 During that same summer Ed Bartlett told his son to hike the ten or so miles to Miller House for some needed groceries. As an afterthought, Ed added that Bob might pick up some tobacco for the men. Addicted to nicotine, they were in desperate need of replenishment. Bob picked up the groceries and, on the spur of the moment, decided that the best way to break the tobacco habit was to be without the weed.

The water, however, was heavily mineralized and hardly usable. Fairbanksans, therefore, depended on their two watermen, who delivered spring water with their tank wagons or sleighs, depending on the season. Before delivery the men looked at the blue or yellow cards in the windows, which indicated two or four buckets. They then filled five-gallon oil cans fitted with wire handles, hooked them onto wooden yokes, and carried in the water. During the winters a stove along the tank on the sleigh kept the water from freezing.

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