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The truck was going fast and it was hard to hold on. In fact, if it weren’t for the superstrength of the Impossibly Tough Two-Headed Infant, we would have been super roadkill. They gripped the bumper M with their superstrong baby fingers. You know how babies have that instant finger-gripping reflex? Well, multiply that by . . well, by a really big number. We hung on to their feet like a chain. Then we climbed up that chain one by one until we were all standing on the bumper, holding on for dear life, looking in through the rear window.

Have you ever known people who argue just for the sake of argument? One says something and the other immediately says the opposite? ” And pretty soon, the stupid argument is a serious one? “Of course, I’ll be the first ta see me parents,” said Mighty Tighty Whitey. “Sorry, boyo—that’ll be me,” said Tubesock. ” That was it—Mighty Tighty Whitey leaped at his cousin and their war of words turned into actual war. They began wrestling and punching inside the hamper. I really wanted to avoid being seen by the Laundrogoons and this wasn’t going to help.

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