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By LeClair Bissell, James Royce

This trailblazing booklet offers a entire view of the moral matters that minimize around the habit box, from worker information courses to therapy and aftercare. by means of addressing probing questions that remove darkness from modern day advanced moral panorama, LeClair Bissell and James Royce discover how average guidance for pro behavior profit counselors and consumers alike.

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Also, recent progress in the biochemistry of neuroregulators and receptor sites in the brain suggests intimate relations between the actions of alcohol and other drugs. The terms alcohol and other drug dependencies and chemical dependency are used interchangeably throughout the book to refer to all addictions. The occasional singling out of alcohol from other drug dependencies reflects the belief that although treatment and recovery issues remain generally the same for all chemical addictions, alcohol continues to be the major problem drug in the United States, exceeded only by tobacco.

Bissell and Royce write that problems can be avoided if the professional avoids scheduling appointments with former clients and avoids being alone with them. The authors discuss sexual and romantic involvements with former clients. After reviewing the arguments, they advise against such relationships for a number of reasons. There is also an excellent discussion of the economic pressures that addiction professionals and programs face. The authors examine a number of ethical dilemmas brought about by an environment that values cost containment in the short run above all else.

Page viii has become essential reading for people at all levels of treatment work, from administration to counseling. Those who provide addiction intervention and treatment services come, as the authors note, from a wide range of fields and traditions. Some come from fields with a long history of ethical standards and codes, while others bring with them commitment to help others based on their own experiences in recovery. This book speaks eloquently to the diversity in this field, which is, on one hand, an amalgam of many other fields and traditions and, on the other hand, something quite unique.

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