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The last chapter explores what to do with your spreadsheet files once you’ve finished working on them. Get ready to try out printing, importing and exporting, and online sharing. Chapter quiz 1. You have a list of students at the local high school that shows their first name (column A), last name (column B), ages (column C), and most recent math grade (expressed on a 100-point scale in column D). How would you order the list alphabetically by last name? 2. Using the same worksheet described in question #1, how would you display only the students who have failing grades in math?

Chart options and customizations The pie chart can also be improved. Here are some elements that could be changed: Chart title: It’s currently based on the column header, but “January Earnings” is clearer. Missing labels: There are no labels on the pie sections. The following section explains how to make these changes. Editing charts in Excel There are three ways to make changes to charts in recent versions of Microsoft Excel: 1. Select the cookie-cutter styles displayed at the top of the window.

2. Press the dropdown menu icon next to the Sigma symbol. 3. Choose AVERAGE(). The results will be shown in cell B5. Answer to #3: 1. Highlight the cells that need to have their background colors changed. 2. Press the Fill button on the Home ribbon. 3. Select the color you want to use for the background. 12 Answer for #2: Format the cell for percentages, using the % button or equivalent menu item. Recommended answer for #3: In row 1, create six column headers starting with the year 2015. Cell A2 contains the starting amount for 2015 ($10,000) while the remaining cells in row 2 will contain the balance after compounding.

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