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One was for the LDNN, a scuba-trained group (see above) that Lieutenant Cathal L. Flynn, commander of the SEAL detachment, thought of as the Vietnamese equivalent of an American underwater demolition team. One camp was for Nung. (The Nung, an ethnic group possessing a formidable military reputation, come from the highlands of North Vietnam. ) Another camp was for a group called "Ching" of whose exact identity Lieutenant Flynn was not certain. All of the men were military, including the Nung. 30 The way the different groups were kept separate from one another represented CIA practice.

Flynn did not have so high an opinion of the Norwegians. 43 By June, Chinese were being trained as captains for the Swifts to replace the departing Norwegians,44 but there is doubt that these Chinese ever went on missions to the North; the Swift boats seem to have stopped such missions by the time the training of the Chinese was completed. According to Knight, the landing parties operating from the Swifts were nominally Montagnard (ethnic minority groups living in the highlands of Vietnam), but in fact included people from parts of Asia other than Vietnam.

S. government presented its story of how North Vietnamese torpedo boats had attacked the two destroyers on August 4, I was fooled; I accepted it without question. This is not too disturbing; there are more Page xiii important things I believed at the age of eighteen that also turned out not to be true. What worries me is that if a similar story were to be presented to the public tomorrow, I would probably believe it again; it was that convincing. I think that all of us, in sheer self-defense, need to get a better understanding of how so powerful an illusion was generated: the appearance of a battle where no battle had taken place.

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