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By Dr. Michael Montemerlo, Dr. Sebastian Thrun (auth.)

This monograph describes a brand new relations of algorithms for the simultaneous localization and mapping challenge in robotics (SLAM). SLAM addresses the matter of buying an atmosphere map with a roving robotic, whereas concurrently localizing the robotic relative to this map. This challenge has got huge, immense cognizance within the robotics group some time past few years, achieving a top of recognition at the celebration of the DARPA Grand problem in October 2005, which used to be received via the workforce headed by means of the authors. The FastSLAM relatives of algorithms applies particle filters to the SLAM challenge, which gives new insights into the knowledge organization challenge that's paramount in SLAM. The FastSLAM-type algorithms have enabled robots to obtain maps of unheard of dimension and accuracy, in a few robotic program domain names and feature been effectively utilized in numerous dynamic environments, together with the answer to the matter of individuals monitoring.

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