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By Shahzad Bashir

Captures the achievements of this Sufi philosopher and founding father of gnostic hurufism.

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At this time, spiritual secrets and truths and the stations of Muhammad came within the field of vision of his pure-seeing heart. After the event, he was completely beside himself for three nights and days and wept and lamented uncontrollably. On the third day of this condition, a voice suddenly recited the following verses in his ear: In the moment he was rent asunder from earthly concerns, The world was freed from all calamities. (If) someone asks: who is this young man? Who is this moon, earth, and heaven?

046 14/12/2004 1:56 PM Page 45 4 COSMOS AND HUMANITY azlallah Astarabadi’s religious worldview put particular emphasis on the genealogy and history of the cosmos and the human species. The two systems were fundamentally interdependent so that to understand the microcosm one had to investigate the macrocosm, and vice versa. Fazlallah maintained that the interconnection between the two was grounded in the fact that both were aspects of God’s self-manifestation in the material world. The macrocosm was a display of God’s attributes, traces, and acts, and constituted an array of signs that pointed to God.

Although the precise details of Fazlallah’s activity in this period are not known, circumstantial evidence indicates that he spent much time traveling to various areas in the Persianspeaking Islamic world (present-day Iran and Central Asia). The versified Book of the Divine Footstool (Kursinama) of Fazlallah’s major successor ‘Ali al-A‘la hints that Fazlallah may have tried to abandon all social interaction after the enlightenment. The story is given in cryptic verses and is difficult to make out fully.

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