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By Anastasia N. Karakasidou

It is a attention-grabbing examine how the greek nationwide identification grew in Macedonia. it's a complex historical past that many Greeks appear to gloss over or deny. The Macedonia of the 1700's was once even more Slavic and Muslim than it used to be Greek. It wasn't until eventually nationalism(bulgarian to the north and greek to the south) and a weakening Ottoman rule that greek nationwide identification entered the image. total this ebook bargains with the questions of nationwide identification in an attractive means and strains the improvement of households in Macedonia and the way Macedonia turned greek.

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One theme that appears in much of the literature on national movements is the notion of an ethnic group on its way to national enlightenment, going through an initial stage of self-consciousness and then on to national liberation through political self-determination in the form of 19/ INTRODUCTION statehood (see Smith 1987). In such tadpole theories of the ethnic origins of nations, ethnic groups are often seen as a transitional stage in the formation of nations and nation-states. Many studies of this kind have drawn heavily on the nearly canonized approach of Barth (1969) to ethnic groups and boundary maintenance.

Yet even the term "Macedonian Slavs" is untenable because it is overly inclusive: not all Slavic-speakers of Macedonia were Slavs. 28 Likewise, the term "Slavophone Greeks" (a label commonly employed in contemporary Greece) is equally inappropriate, as not all Slavic-speakers in turn-of-the-century Guvezna were Hellenized, let alone Greek. Nor, in the case of nineteenth-century-Guvezna, does the term "Slavo-Macedonians" seem appropriate, as it too was a latter-day construct, coined by the Greek Communist Party (KKE) in the I920S.

TNIn,ion 3! e-shop Ie i1roce'y-ve"etabte 11 grocery III cateterla 3. tchef 35 clothing slor. 36 cloth merchant Map 3. The Assiros aghora residents built their homes. Present-day Assiros consists of seven fairly discrete neighborhoods or mahaladhes: 9 the Kato (Lower), Pano (Upper), Pera (Over There), and School or Turkish mahaladhes, as well as neighborhoods known as Neapolis (New City), Sarakatsaneika (Where the Sarakatsan Live), and Matziria (Where the Refugees Live). The narrow, twisting paths and streets of most of these neighborhoods testify to their unplanned developmental sequence (see map 4).

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