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Henry Weisser of Colorado State University advised me on publication. My father, Ralph N. Clough, inspired me by his advice and his own fine record of publication; my grandmother, Marie T. Sander, provided persistent and valuable encouragement. Mary Ann McNair of the Colorado History Museum read the manuscript carefully and offered valuable comments. Jane Edwards and Robert French worked hard typing the manuscripts. I would also like to thank Peggy Jacobsen for her artist's rendering of Kenyan beadwork that leads off each chapter.

Elites in Conflict 112 7. The Female Circumcision Crisis and Kikuyu Politics 137 8. Land, the Bitter Presence 152 9. Factionalism, Schism, and Renewal 168 10. Conclusion 178 Glossary of Kikuyu and Swahili Terms 228 Sources and Bibliography 229 Index 241 Page xi Foreword The history of the colonial period in the Kikuyu highlands of central Kenya is beginning to enjoy the same rich density of empirical research and analytical argument that one expects of American or European history but rarely finds in Africa.

43 Ambitious men, whether they occupied positions of traditional prominence or not, might seek to ally with the powerful and wealthy outsiders to defeat their rivals, increase their popularity, and generally advance themselves within their own societies. In Kiambu in particular, the fluid situation on the frontier gave great scope to personal ambition, even if the individual was following untraditional avenues of personal advancement. The circumstances of the 1890s in the district British conquest, internecine feuding, famine, epidemic all but destroyed the fragile social bonds of the frontier and opened up great possibilities for certain strong individuals.

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