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By David Cope

In David Cope's strikingly excessive new assortment, Fragments for the celebs, we see the continuing improvement of a hugely unique paintings. emerging at once out of Williams' photograph American degree, Cope's voice is all over the place infused with a attribute stark lyricism-producing the robust paintings that Carl Rakosi has known as his "compassionate realism".

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Heads turned back to table & talk: he shuffles slowly-no more walker, nor pinned pantleg, nor therapy, for him. 45 Hairpin Turn vast panoramagiant electric lines dip out over valleys pole to pole up out of sightbelow, a car chassis rusts, upside down, wheels & tires removedflower-draped cross stands on the roadside above, tourists ram thru in a cloud of dust. 46 Gone West silence above saguaro & chollaI stood under the arched vault of the ancient cave & dreamed where Salado Indians perched & sangbringing their corn up from the valley singing, singing by fires that blackened this vault forever, burying their baby among the house walls, singing, sighing, singing in deep night as the fires flickered lights across the ceiling, singing, standing at the cave mouth under the million starsvast landscape before my eyes now!

Walking aimlessly, dreaming of waves of broad leaves that'll climb this fence in July, the yellow trumpets of the flowers, the bees, the knobbing fruits come at last, today, in this cool air my breath is a white mist before me & the soft rain falls & falls, rows of clear beads line the juniper leaves, hang in the bittersweet's bare branches.

39 Albeniz, SOT & Sanz in the subway, Grand Central: trains roar in & out, grateful commuters toss dollars into the guitarist's case; they'll shoulder by the moaning derelicts begging for quarters near the turnstiles, that monotone chant halfway to the next world alreadydaylight only two flights up. 40 Old Man I saw you lying against a wall on the ramp to the subway, your ruddy cheeks cleft into valleys & faultlines, your grey beard Whitmanic in dreams but matted with dried puke, your hands folded across your chest, eyes closed.

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