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Sturdy technology e-book at the topic, very thorough biographies of either Crick and Watson. textual content is a bit dry, however the occasioanl photograph perks it up. Illustrations are in black and white. i might suggest this e-book to the seventh grade up, and should comprise a advice for the academics to boot.

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The two men left together and, as they walked down the corridor, Watson told Wilkins that Franklin had come close to assaulting him. “Slowly he assured me that this might very well have happened,” Watson wrote. “Some months 58 The Emergence of the Double Helix Image Not Available earlier she had made a similar lunge toward him. ” So went the story in The Double Helix, a tale that brought Watson heavy criticism. In later editions of the book, Watson added an apology to Franklin, who by then was no longer alive.

31 Francis Crick and James Watson Bases are made up of nitrogen and carbon atoms and come in several varieties. Five in all have been identified: adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine, and uracil. They are flat in shape. In DNA, the bases lie at right angles to the rest of the nucleic acid molecule, a backbone made up of a long sequence of phosphates. Guanine and adenine, called the purines, have double rings, made of carbon and nitrogen atoms, with four hydrogen atoms attached to the four carbon atoms in each ring.

At King’s College in London there was Maurice Wilkins, another physicist who had switched to biology after the war and had become a leading researcher in DNA. Wilkins played a crucial role in the discovery of DNA structure—so crucial that he eventually shared the Nobel Prize awarded to Watson and Crick. He was an expert in crystallography and had some of the world’s best equipment for working with it. One of his crucial discoveries was that the molecules of life, such as DNA, could have a crystal structure.

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