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Discover the pliability to educate technological know-how your means Chemistry, as part of the Glencoe technological know-how 15-Book sequence, offers scholars with actual and entire insurance of chemical bonding, reactions, strategies, and extra. The powerful content material assurance integrates a variety of hands-on reviews, critical-thinking possibilities, and real-world functions. The modular technique permits you to mix 'n match books to fulfill your curricula.

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Figure 17 also shows the sharing of three pairs of electrons between two nitrogen atoms in the nitrogen molecule. When three pairs of electrons are shared by two atoms, the bond is called a triple bond. How many pairs of electrons are shared in a double bond? Polar and Nonpolar Molecules Figure 18 Hydrogen chloride is a polar covalent molecule. Partial positive charge 20 ◆ H L Cl You have seen how atoms can share electrons and that they become more stable by doing so, but do they always share electrons equally?

Fireworks are over in a few seconds. However, the copper coating on pennies darkens slowly as it reacts with substances it touches. 46 ◆ L CHAPTER 2 Chemical Reactions (l)Amanita Pictures, (r)Richard Megna/Fundamental Photographs/Photo Researchers 649-S2-MSS05_LBL 8/23/04 2:22 PM Page 47 Activation Energy—Starting a Reaction Before a reaction can start, molecules of the reactants have to bump into each other, or collide. This makes sense because to form new chemical bonds, atoms have to be close together.

Covalent 7. What is the maximum number of electrons in the third energy level? A. 8 B. 16 C. 18 D. 24 648-CR-MSS05_LBL 8/23/04 2:20 PM Page 33 Record your answers on the answer sheet provided by your teacher or on a sheet of paper. 8. What is an electron cloud? 9. Explain what is wrong with the following statement: All covalent bonds between atoms are polar to some degree because each element differs slightly in its ability to attract electrons. Give an example to support your answer. Use the illustration below to answer questions 10 and 11.

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