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By Saskia Sassen

In her pioneering booklet the worldwide urban , Saskia Sassen argued that yes towns within the post-industrial global became significant nodes within the new provider economic system, strategic websites for the acceleration of capital and knowledge flows in addition to areas of accelerating socio-economic polarization. One impact has been that such towns have won in value and gear relative to geographical regions. during this new number of essays, Sassen and a distinct crew of participants extend at the author's previous paintings in a couple of vital methods, targeting key matters. First, they give the impression of being at how info flows have sure worldwide towns jointly in networks, making a international urban internet whose constituent towns turn into 'global' throughout the networks they perform. moment, they examine rising international towns within the constructing world-Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Mexico urban, Beirut, the Dubai-Iran hall, and Buenos Aires. They convey how those globalizing zones aren't merely replicating many gains of the head tier of world towns, yet also are producing new socio-economic styles in addition. those new styles of improvement promise to guide to major alterations within the constitution of the worldwide economic system, as a growing number of towns all over the world are built-in into globalization's circuitry. comprises contributions from: Linda Garcia, Patrice Riemens, Geert Lovink, Peter Taylor, David Smith, Michael Timberlake, Stephen Graham, Sueli Schiffer Ramos, Christoff Parnreiter, Felicity Gu, David Meyer, Pablo Ciccolella, Iliana Mignaqui, Eric Huybrechts, Ali Parsa

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