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By Swensen, Cole

Gravesend, which takes its identify from the English city on the mouth of the Thames, revisits the style of the ghost tale and, via fragmentation, juxtaposition, and allusion, powerfully summons the uncanny, the spectral presence. Cole Swensen delves into old fables, the Bible, medieval files, Victorian ghost tales, modern interviews, and extra to discover the results of the ghostly on our day-by-day lives, Read more...


Delving into historic fables, the Bible, medieval documents, Victorian ghost tales, modern interviews, and extra, this identify explores the results of the ghostly on our day-by-day lives, at times Read more...

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Seen—it’s a complex word. What I mean is that I’ve perceived presences. Yes, people I’ve known, people I’ve loved very much; you can feel them there, still with you. You can talk to them. No, no, of course they never answer. Do they frighten you? No, of course not; I love them. I asked these three people about their hesitancy around the words “see” and “seen,” and one replied that it’s a problem of language, which is to say, a ghost cannot be spoken. Perhaps we all see them; they’re all around us, but can’t be shared.

Even the dogs start barking, and they all clearly hear the folding down of the carriage stairs, but when they open the door, the courtyard is empty, and the dogs recoil in fear. So that the sight 37 of anyone in an unexpected place so that the voice now traveling alone out on its own on a quiet day I saw a friend I knew to be in Japan I once saw my sister on a train Sometimes it’s only a strong resemblance, and you wonder if the person in question hasn’t had a close call, crossing the street with an absent mind, or walked out of a building just moments before it blew up.

A fire in 1727 destroyed the parish records, which included the location of Pocahontas’ grave, by nature, a door is a gap but a ceiling wouldn’t be offered in pieces or things that can’t be divided, one cannot for instance, offer another a piece of grief or survival.

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