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By Sarah Gridley

Eco-friendly is the Orator follows on Sarah Gridley’s outstanding first assortment, climate Eye Open, in addressing the problem of representing nature via language. Gridley’s deftly unique syntax arises from direct event of the wildlife and from encounters with different texts, together with the Egyptian “Book of the Dead” and the writings of Charles Darwin, Peter Mark Roget, William Morris, William James, and Henri Bergson. Gridley’s personal idiom is compressed, unique, and entire of unforeseen pleasures. This strange publication, without delay austere and whole of lifestyles, displays a penetrating brain at work—one that's considering via and re-presenting romantic and modernist traditions of nature.

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Where spoils undress the weeping beech and go in circles inside it. Redoubt the violet, the pilot light. Sealight put out put on as leaves. 32 two I am with him. I am like that old Osiris walking in the night. Drunk on the cool wine of darkness, I eat the bread of life and die. I know. I am blessed by mortality. This page intentionally left blank Sonnet on Fire Is it the space, if let inside of, you would remember having lived in for a particular time? That thump was a bird meeting vertical glass.

Using his knowledge of biological classification, Roget had, one must admit, done something backward, plotting every word of the thesaurus, by outline and tabular organization, into six major classes of ideas: i. Abstract Relations ii. Space iii. Matter iv. Intellect v. Volition vi. Sentient and Moral Powers To get to the words, he forked ideas into sections and heads, so that under class IV—“Intellect”—one would have found under section II, Precursory Conditions and Operations, the following “heads”: Curiosity Incuriosity Discrimination Indiscrimination 52 vi.

The earth in all its illimagined parts did issue does issue will issue n n Sleeping out of doors in the out-of-doors n the rest is made of what 49 Second Inspirations of the Nitrous Oxide i. In the spring of 1799, at age twenty, following his self-administration of nitrous oxide, Roget wrote in his report to the Pneumatic Institution, I cannot remember that I experienced the least pleasure from any of these sensations. . And as it is above two months since I made the experiment, many of the minuter circumstances have probably escaped me.

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