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Healing the unbelievable: Treating Ritual Abuse and brain Control is a pragmatic, task-oriented, tutorial guide designed to aid therapists offer powerful therapy for survivors of those so much severe types of baby abuse and psychological manipulation.

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What they all have in common is their ignorance about the abuse the client suffered and their ability to function somewhat in the adult world. They are not unemotional, although they do not necessarily know the sources of those emotions or recall what they relate to. Emotions from the inside parts leak into the suicidal one more than into the others. The ANP is almost never the original person, especially in those with extensive abuse histories. You might say that the “original” is an untraumatized child, infant, or even fetus from whom the first split was made.

The diagnosis of dissociative disorder was not widely accepted, and an organized political group, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, along with other similar groups, took up the task of informing the media that unethical therapists were suggesting to helpless clients that they had been sexually abused, or worse, by family members. A leading journal, Treating Abuse Today, was forced out of business by picketers representing supposedly innocent accused parents. Leading therapists in the dissociative disorders field, such as Bennett Braun and Judith Peterson, were targeted for lawsuits and, in Peterson’s case, even criminal charges.

Those who are aware of their condition are usually glad to be asked. It can be very lonely to not be understood by other people. Once you start meeting the insiders, you might find that the child personalities in adult bodies feel nobody else “gets” them or recognizes their existence. It is also important for you to know that they generally prefer to be talked to as the age they feel they are rather than the age the body is. However, you must be careful with recognizing and addressing them, because, like all of us, child alters are all different: some are shy and some are outgoing; some like attention and others hate it.

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