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But by the end of body. Over time, many the 1400s, dresses were structured different female silhouettes have been popular. to mold a woman’s shape. Gowns During the Middle Ages, a rounded stomach was featured low, V-shaped waistlines. in style, while during Tight corsets and stiff triangles the Renaissance, a fashionable silhouette of fabric called stomachers held included a narrow in the waist and abdomen. A new waist and wide hips, created with the help invention called the farthingale was of a stomacher, corset, and farthingale.

Indd 30 Asia, he brought back many items of Eastern fashion. Soon, European wardrobes had an Eastern flair. In addition to the colored and embroidered silks from China, velvet was introduced from Asia. The wimple, a headscarf that draped under the chin, was adapted from headscarves worn by Muslim women. Pointed shoes modeled after Asian slippers became a trend for men. 11/3/14 5:15 PM Portrait of a Young Woman, by Rogier van der Weyden, ca. 1445, shows a lady wearing a wimple. used extreme measures to achieve this look.

Unlike commoners, wealthy people could afford multiple items of clothing for different occasions. In contrast to the drab, rough fabrics worn by peasants, the rich wore brightly colored silks and velvets embroidered with gold thread and decorated with gold, Buttons used to pearls, and precious stones. 4 For the first draped. time, lacing and buttons were used to fasten clothing. indd 34 11/3/14 5:15 PM At left, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII of France wear purple robes at their wedding in 1137.

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